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Video Walkthrough of AstroLive USB Functionality
(Slightly out of date, from the beta test)

AstroLive USB is a Real-time Processing Game Changer

AstroLive USB brings a whole suite of new features to real-time processing which have never been available before. In addition to the new features it is written from the ground up with high megapixel USB cameras in mind so that it doesn't lose a step even when processing huge 20 Megapixel images from the latest cameras. AstroLive USB gives you the technology to create stunning real-time views that can rival long-exposure images in quality.

Partnership with ZWO for Free AstroLive USB
Exclusively for ZWO ASI cameras, you can download and use AstroLive USB free of charge forever. The ZWO version of AstroLive USB includes all the functionality of the regular, paid version, except the ability to use cameras from other brands. This exciting partnership between ZWO and AstroLive helps fund AstroLive development and supports the innovation ZWO is bringing to the EAA market in the form of new camera technologies which complement the AstroLive software innovation.
Gradient Removal
AstroLive USB can remove gradients in the image background caused by light pollution, vignetting, moonlight, sky glow, or anything else which intrudes on your views. It can even greatly reduce amp glow.
Aligned Stacking
Stack images in real time with alignment for both offset and rotation so you can even align images takes without guiding or with an alt-az mount. Alignment is done by star detection so the images will always match up.
Image Calibration
Real-time dark subtraction and flat calibration allow you to get the best possible image. You can also forego this step and use the gradient removal functionality to correct most calibration issues automatically instead.
Noise Reduction
Reduce background noise in your images with the built in and automatic real-time noise reduction feature. This is especially valuable for uncooled cameras.
Improve the fine detail of your views with automatic sharpening in real-time. Sharpening increases the detail visible by processing out some of the imperfections in the image which blur the view.
Levels and Curves
Adjust the histogram and see all the faint detail you can bring out of the image that you couldn't see before. Advanced users can also use the curves tool to adjust the live view just as you would in PhotoShop, but now in real time.
Telescope Control
AstroLive USB includes a full Messier, NGC, and IC catalog as well as ability to control the telescope on both Windows and Mac so you can do everything in one place. Any ASCOM-compatible telescope is supported on Windows and any INDI-compatible telescope is supported on Mac.
Plate Solving
Even if your pointing isn't very accurate on your telescope, the built in plate solving will get your target centered every time. AstroLive USB takes a picture of the field and then adjusts the telescope to ensure you never have to spend time looking for an object again.
Focuser Control
AstroLive USB can control your electronic focus motor (via ASCOM or INDI) so you don't need to use a separate program.
Auto Focus
If you have an electronic focuser with absolute control you can take advantage of the built in autofocus routine to get your focus just right, every time.

Supported Hardware

  • ZWO ASI USB 3.0 Cameras on Windows and Mac OS X, AstroLive USB is free for use with these cameras!
  • Atik 4-Series and Infinity on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar, Ultrastar, most other recent models on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Any camera with a conformant ASCOM 6 Camera driver on Windows
  • Any mount with a conformant ASCOM 6 Telescope driver on Windows
  • Any mount with a conformant INDI driver on Mac OS X
  • Any absolute position focuser with a conformant ASCOM 6 Focuser driver on Windows
  • Any absolute position focuser with a conformant INDI driver on Mac OS X
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Current Limitations

  • The manual is not yet complete.
  • Only absolute focusers are supported, especially for autofocus. Relative focusers may or may not work.
  • Plate solving by default requires an internet connection to reach This can be configured to use a local install, however this process has not been documented yet and isn't guaranteed to work.
  • Some mounts may not work with plate solving on Mac OS X if their INDI driver does not support the SYNC command to synchronize the mount's position with the plate solve result.
  • Binning and region of interest (for autofocus) are currently disabled on the native Atik and Starlight Xpress drivers. You will need to connect to these cameras via ASCOM on Windows in order to use that functionality presently.
  • The Atik Infinity sometimes does not connect properly using the native driver on Windows. You should use the ASCOM driver with this camera on Windows. It connects properly on Mac OS X.
  • On some small screens not all controls may be visible or they may overlap one another. To counteract this the panels can be resized or collapsed by dragging between panels up and down for the stacked panels or left and right to collapse or resize any of the three columns.
  • Aligned stacking may not work on some cameras with short exposures if the stars are not bright enough for them to be located by the program. This generally is only an issue on cameras without adjustable gain at shorter exposure lengths.
  • Reticle functionality for centering is currently missing.
  • Currently there is no support for adding text overlays to the image or displaying the image in another window or on another screen.
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